PCIA Special Achievement Award

PCIA Special Achievement Award

18-Sep-2012 StoveTeam the Special Achievement Award in Developing Local Markets at February's Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Forum in Lima, Peru. 

The Award

Dear StoveTeam,

On behalf of the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA), we would like to congratulate Stove Team International on being selected as a recipient of the 2011 Special Achievement Award in Developing Local Markets. We applaud your commitment to improving health, livelihood, and quality of life, particularly of women and children, by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution from household energy use, and look forward to presenting you with this award at the upcoming PCIA Forum in Peru.

Your outstanding efforts will also be highlighted in the upcoming quarterly PCIA Bulletin and on the PCIA website. Winrock International will schedule an interview with you during the Forum to gather your input for these outreach materials.

The Partnership is pleased to be able to recognize Stove Team International's significant contributions and accomplishments in establishing sustainable local stove factories. Your leadership and dedication will inspire others to adopt similar approaches to enhance their household energy and health programs and achieve greater results in the communities they serve.

Best Regards,

The PCIA Team
Brenda Doroski, John Mitchell, Elisa Derby