Stove building plans

Stove building plans


Starting a factory requires capital expenditures for tools, training, raw materials and facilities.  Depending upon local labor costs and raw material prices, the stoves can be priced competitively.  The Ecocina does not require a change in traditional cooking, thus acceptance is very high.

Ecocina stoves are made in independent factories located in the countries where stoves are needed. These stoves are made by trained technicians using specifically designed molds owned by StoveTeam International and loaned to factory owners.

Factories can be started with independent monies or with the assisstance of grants from various organizations. Grants from Rotary International have been used to start many of the factories and require two cooperating Rotary clubs, one in the donating country and one in the recipient country. StoveTeam International can recommend clubs who may be willing to assist. If you would like a copy of a sample Rotary Matching Grant in either a Future Vision District or non-Pilot District, please request one from

For more information on the minimum needs to start a factory and for a sample of the Stove Cost Calculator, please send a request to