Previous StoveTeam Trips

Previous StoveTeam Trips

2008 El Salvador

El Salvador
March, 2008

Larry Winiarski and volunteers help build the first factory in Nahulingo, El Salvador.

2009 El Salvador

El Salvador, Guatemala
October, 2009

StoveTeam volunteers greet the new employees in Nahulingo, El Salvador.

2009 El Salvador/Guatemala

El Salvador, Guatemala
November, 2009

Rotarians travel to El Salvador and Guatemala to build a second factory.

2010 Guatemala

August, 2010

StoveTeam volunteers and dentists from three countries promote better health.

2010 Guatemala/Honduras

November, 2010

Gustavo Peña and StoveTeam volunteers help establish a factory in Honduras.

2011 Honduras

November, 2011

StoveTeam volunteers start field-testing stoves in Honduras and Guatemala.

2012 Honduras

Copan Ruinas, Honduras
November, 2012

26 volunteers spent a week testing stoves in a nearby village and assisted with several construction projects at the factory.

2012 Honduras

Copan Ruinas, Honduras
March, 2012

The team, comprised mainly of University of Oregon students volunteering their Spring Break, did performance testing on stoves near Copán Ruinas, Honduras.

2012-03 Mexico

San Miguel de Allende
March, 2012

StoveTeam volunteers help with construction and testing of new stove sites at the first Ecocina factory in Mexico.

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