2011-02 February Newsletter

StoveTeam International

February 14, 2011

StoveTeam we would like to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day.

In many parts of the world today is celebrated as the day of friendship and love - a perfect opportunity to thank all of our friends for their dedicated support.  We appreciate your countless volunteer hours, donations, and efforts spreading the word about our cause.  Together you are helping families in Central America to live healthier and safer lives, while improving the environment.  

We have made this short video to highlight the dangers of traditional open-fire cooking:

Please take 2 minutes to watch and share the link:

You can always make a difference right away by making a tax-deductible donation at
or by mailing a check to:

StoveTeam International
P.O. Box 51025
Eugene, OR 97405

Thank you again for your help and support.

Nancy Hughes, President

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