2011-04 April Newsletter

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April 2011 Newsletter

León, Nicaragua Factory

StoveTeam's Nicaragua team has been working hard since January 2011 to ensure the production of quality, Ecocina stoves. Factory owner, Juan Gutierrez, with the support of the León Rotary Club and consultants Beatriz Fiallos and Fred Hamann has already produced 250 Ecocinas.

Juan Gutierrez with Ecocina

Gutierrez was born in the historic colonial city of Leon, Nicaragua, where he currently resides. He is married and has three children. Gutierrez first began ecological projects ten years ago in an effort to protect Nicaragua's forests. He received training in how to design and build fuel-efficient cookstoves. He started producing one model and designing other stoves that he currently builds. Guiterrez' factory produces twenty four different models of cookstoves including the Ecocina and currently employees four people. 

Ecocina stoves being built in León factory

Recently, Gutierrez established a business recycling used charcoal waste from local bakeries into fuel briquettes for cooking. These briquettes, which can be used in the Ecocina, burn twice as long and heat up much quicker than regular wood. This business is currently in development, but Gutierrez believes that he will be able to make a profit from what would otherwise be waste. 

Gutierrez has earned six awards and twenty-eight recognitions from environmental agencies for his efforts to protect the forest and the environment. Recently, deforestation has been getting increasing press in Nicaragua. A recent article in La Prensa highlights the imminent threat that firewood collection poses on the forests. It is exciting to have such a dedicated team team, eager to improve health, environment, and livelihood in Nicaragua.

León Rotary Club and members of StoveTeam 

Apply for the November Trip Today!

What a perfect opportunity for adventure travel! Copán Ruinas is a UNESCO World Heritage site of beautiful Mayan Ruins and is also the location of one of StoveTeam's newest factories. The trip will take place November 5-13, 2011, although an extension for Spanish language school is always an option!

Volunteers will spend a week assisting factory owner, Anibal Murcia, make Ecocina stoves, put on cooking demonstrations and help with various construction projects at the factory. Participants will also be trained to help with household Kitchen Performance Tests (KPTs) in surrounding communities (a great chance for cultural immersion!). 

Donate a stove this Mother's Day

Help improve the life of a mom in Central America this Mother's Day by donating an Ecocina. A $50 donation is enough to purchase a stove for a whole family and make a world of difference to a mom you've never met. 

Just visit for instructions on how to donate. Make sure to include instructions for where to send the acknowledgement card.

Where has Nancy
been this month?

April 3-15: 

Nancy spent two weeks in Oaxaca, Mexico this month investigating opportunities for a future stove factory. She spoke to four Rotary clubs in Oaxaca City and one in Huajuapan about bringing fuel-efficient stoves to the regions where they are needed. She met with promising future factory owners and investigated factory sites in Oaxaca City and Tlaxiaco. She will be in Oaxaca again from June 24 through July 6.

Cathedral in Oaxaca City

April 20:
 Nancy spoke at the prestigious Seattle #4 Rotary Club. This club is the forth oldest and currently the largest club internationally. The StoveTeam story was very well-received. A summary can be found on their website. 

Eugene Southtowne Rotary Wine & Salmon Dinner a Success!

StoveTeam raised $3,725 towards Ecocina stoves at the April 1st Wine & Salmon dinner in Eugene, Oregon. To find out how your club can donate towards a factory or be involved in a grant visit

Recent Updates:

-BBC reporters visited the Ecocina factory in Nahulingo, El Salvador this week to film the production of fuel-efficient stoves in El Salvador

-The Rotary Grant for the San Miguel de Allende, Mexico factory has been finalized and stove production should be starting in late June, 2011.

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