2012-07 July Newsletter

Extortion or a Stove Project? 

Gerry, Elly and I took off in late June ago to meet with the Rotary Club Morelia Universidad about the possibility of a new stove project in the state of Michoacan, Mexico.  At the time of our departure we knew we had enthusiastic clubs in Morelia and Livermore Valley, California.  We did not, however, know how the collaboration had come together.  All I knew was that I had spoken to the Livermore Valley Rotary and one of their members, Javier Perez, a Mexican, had asked how he could help.

A month ago Javier called me to say that their Rotary Club had raised money for a stove project and that they had found Jorge Alcazar in Morelia whose club was also interested in helping. It wasn't until we arrived that we discovered the story behind the scenes. Jorge, the Rotarian from Morelia, had, some time ago posted something on Rotary International's website saying that their club was interested in working on a new humanitarian project. He hadn't had a response for some time, so he forgot about the posting.  

Upon seeing the posting, Javier decided to give Jorge a call at his office to see if their club was interested in collaborating on a stove project.  Jorge, receiving a call from an unknown Mexican, thought the call was probably from an extortionist, so he hung up. 

Javier, however, was persistent.  He kept calling until Jorge finally took the call and realized that although the man was Mexican, he was actually a Rotarian from the USA who was proposing a stove factory project. Jorge and the members of his club decided to check out an existing project, so several of them drove four hours to the factory in San Miguel de Allende to see what it was all about.  They knew the Rotarians in San Miguel, found the project to be wonderful, and decided to go ahead with it.  

They contacted StoveTeam about how to proceed, invited us for a visit, and by the time we arrived they had found a potential factory site, a potential factory owner, and had contacted the Mexican government for support.

We couldn't be more pleased with our new friends!


Help Us Spread the Word About StoveTeam

We're looking for volunteers to help spread the word about fuel-efficient stoves and have fun doing it! StoveTeam will be participating in two upcoming festivals in the Eugene area this summer.  We'll have a booth at Fiesta Latina on July 28th from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and we're looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers to run a fun and easy game for kids. We will also have a booth at the Eugene Celebration on August 25th and 26th from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. In both cases you'll be able to stay and enjoy the festivities after your volunteer shift is over. If you are interested in sharing your enthusiasm for stoves, please contact us. If you can't volunteer but will be attending the event, please stop by and say hi!

Honduras Trip Spaces Available

Learn how to make stoves, conduct a kitchen performance test in a Honduran village, and get your hands dirty with construction projects at our factory in Copan Ruinas, Honduras! 

The November 3-11th StoveTeam trip to Honduras is already more than half full. The trip is limited to the first twenty applicants and no special skills are necessary, only an enthusiastic attitude and flexible nature. Spanish skills are helpful but not required. 

The eight-day trip costs $950, which covers in-country lodging, meals, transportation, and project supplies. Airfare to and from San Pedro Sula is additional.

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