2014-10 October Newsletter

Adventure awaits you: three exciting trips this February

Copan Ruinas, Honduras - Join us February 7 – 15 as we build a permanent factory site with Anibal Murcia, owner of the E’Copan stove factory. Register today or visit the team trip page for more information.

Antigua, Guatemala - Join us February 14 – 22 or February 21 – March 1, (or both) for Spanish language instruction and stove building. Send in your application and deposit today for: Session 1Session 2 or contact Kim Forrest for more information.

News from the field: factory successes! 

Gustavo Peña of Inversiones Falcón in El Salvador was excited to receive an order for 450 stoves from a collaboration between several governmental ministries that promote the development of women, community, and agriculture. The stoves will be distributed among 22 different communities throughout El Salvador.

 In Copan Ruinas, Honduras, a local catering business, run by women, who cook on Ecocina stoves, were hired to cook pupusas for the local bank's third anniversary. The women have built a successful business using safe, portable, and fuel-efficient Ecocina stoves. StoveTeam and Anibal Murcia of E'Copan stove factory are thrilled the Ecocina has been so well received and is helping to create economic opportunities in Honduras.

2013 Annual Report is hot off the press

Check out the StoveTeam 2013 Annual Report where we share our accomplishments, including:

  • Helping establish a factory in Morelia, Mexico; 
  • Developing a partnership with CEMEX, a global leader in the building materials industry;
  • Implementing carbon credit programs for four StoveTeam-sponsored factories;
  • Training StoveTeam-sponsored factories on how to use Controlled Cooking Tests to evaluate stove efficiency; and
  • Much, much more!

New Hampshire youth chooses Nancy as his CNN Hero

Last month Nancy received a letter from an eighth grade student in New Hampshire whose teacher assigned the class an exciting exercise. They were to pick a CNN Hero and write to that person with questions about their project. Here’s an excerpt from his note and Nancy’s responses:

Student: “According to my research, you’ve created 37,000 stoves. Do you plan to make more of them?”

Nancy replied, “All the factories we have started are still producing and selling stoves. They have produced more than 44,600 stoves. The whole idea is to start businesses that keep going when we are no longer able to help.”

Student: “I think you are more than just a hero…do you feel that way?”

Nancy replied, “I certainly don’t feel like a hero. I feel like a caring grandma who wanted to help a single 18 year-old girl who fell into an open fire. Her name was Irma, and for 16 years she had lived without being able to use her hands. That’s awful, and I didn’t want anyone else to suffer like that.”

Come visit us at the Mushroom Festival on October 26

StoveTeam International will be represented at the Mushroom Festival at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene this year! Come visit us and learn more about our upcoming February trips and programmatic developments. For questions, contact Kim

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