2015-02 February Newsletter

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love was in the air in Honduras with the first of three volunteer team trips this month. In total, 41 “Stovers” will be joining us in Honduras or Guatemala. In Honduras, we constructed a new factory building in Copan Ruinas and delivered 50 stoves to a nearby community. In Guatemala, we will be making stoves for families in need. This partnership between the volunteers, factory employees, and the families who receive stoves is what we cherish. To all of our Stovers and supporters, you are our Valentine. Thank you for making this work possible. We couldn’t do it without you!

Field Update: Honduras

Anibal Murcias is the proud owner of the E’Copan Stove factory in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. Until recently, he leased the space for his factory and dreamed of owning his own land and growing his business. That dream is becoming a reality. He now owns the land where his factory is located, and recently hosted 14 StoveTeam volunteers from across the US who came to lend a hand in helping improve and expand the factory site.

Over the last five days the factory site was transformed; a cement floor was poured, the existing structure was strengthened, and a new structure was built, providing additional space for production and distribution of ecological stoves. In fact, on Monday, Anibal was gearing up to fulfill an order of 100 stoves. After a hard last few years, 2015 is off to a great start for Anibal, his family, and five employees.

Take a look at the StoveTeam BLOG and Facebook pages for updates from Honduras and Guatemala!

Cookstove Advocates Gather in Seattle for ETHOS

In January, ETHOS, Engineers in Technical and Humanitarian Opportunities of Service, held its thirteenth annual conference in Kirkland, Washington. What started in 2002 with a small group of engineers, academics and field developers interested in finding a solution to the problem of indoor air pollution, now brings together an international community of more than one hundred engineering students, faculty, researchers and non-governmental organizations who believe that cooking shouldn’t kill.

StoveTeam staff shared experiences from laboratory and field-work on stove designs and learned about new technology, consumer education and stove adoption to assist our factory partners in the field.

Huffington Post Features StoveTeam

Marlo Thomas’ column in the Huffington Post recently featured Nancy Hughes, and the story of StoveTeam. Learn more about Nancy and her drive to create economic opportunities, improve public health, and protect the environment.

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