2015-03 March Newsletter

Celebrate Day of the Dead with StoveTeam

If you missed the February 2015 language school and stove-making trip to Guatemala have no fear! We have added a new adventure in November.

Celebrate the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Guatemala. Improve your Spanish, explore Antigua, and volunteer for a good cause by working at a stove factory!

From October 31 until November 8, stay at the beautiful San Jose el Viejo Spanish School and receive one-on-one private Spanish lessons. Spend the afternoons with Marco Tulio at the EcoComal factory, building stoves, interviewing local families and helping distribute Ecocina stoves to a local community.

Reserve a spot today, and join us in Guatemala! For more information contact Kim Forrest

E’Copan Factory and Top of the Lake Rotary Help Families in Need

A grant from Top of the Lake Rotary in North Carolina helped the E’Copan stove factory in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, subsidize the cost of stoves for 85 families, including 159 adults and 176 children, in the communities of El Zompopero, La Vegona, Llano Grande and Agua Fría.

According to the Honduran government these communities live in extreme poverty and suffer from lung diseases as a result of inhaling smoke from traditional open cooking fires. Members of the indigenous Maya Chorti, they are dedicated to the cultivation of corn and beans for their subsistence and act as stewards of the mountains surrounding Copan Ruinas. As such, the communities play an important role in the health of the Cacahuateles River, whose source is in the same mountains, and which provides drinking water for the city of Copan.

Team Trip Recap

February was a busy month for StoveTeam staff, volunteers, and the factory owners in Honduras and Guatemala. 41 volunteers traveled from across the United States to join us in Central America to get their hands dirty, practice their Spanish and visit parts of Central America most tourists never see.

In Honduras the volunteers expanded the E’Copan stove factory and delivered 50 stoves to a nearby community. In Guatemala, they had one-on-one instruction in Spanish in the morning, and put those new skills to work building stoves with the factory employees at the EcoComal stove factory in the afternoon. They also visited a local elementary school started with proceeds from EcoComal and distributed 25 stoves to families in need.

StoveTeam offers a unique team travel experience. Contact us and become a “stover” today!

Left to Right: Honduras (top row) measure location for post holes of a new factory structure, and shovel sand and rock to make cement; and in Guatemala (bottom row) make Ecocinas, and mix mud for construction of an Adobe structure at the factory.

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