2015-07 July Newsletter

Field-testing sheds light on StoveTeam impact

The Kitchen Performance Test (KPT) is the principal field–based procedure to demonstrate the effect of improved cookstoves on household fuel consumption.

There are two main goals of the KPT: first, to assess how the improved stove impacts a users’ health, and fuel collection and consumption habits; and second, to compare the impact of an improved stove on fuel consumption in the kitchen of a real household. When conducted carefully, this type of testing is the best measure of a stove’s impact on fuel use and general household characteristics and behaviors because it is performed in the homes of stove users. 

StoveTeam relies on information gathered from KPTs to assess stove performance (including quality and durability), and identify possible improvements in a factory’s manufacturing process. KPTs also enable us to talk with stove users about what they like and dislike about the stove and learn how the stove could be changed to better meet their needs. Finally, we are able to identify education and training gaps that may prevent users from fully utilizing the improved cookstove. 

KPTs performed by StoveTeam staff and volunteers show that the Ecocina cookstove reduces fuel use by 50%!

Ninkasi benefits StoveTeam - Monday, July 20th

Join StoveTeam International volunteers and supporters at the Ninkasi Tasting Room in Eugene, OR on Monday, July 20th to buy a Pint for the Cause. Help us celebrate our achievements this past year, including surpassing 50,000 stoves sold in Latin America!

Ninkasi will donate a portion of every pint sold to StoveTeam.

Marimba music will be provided by a student group from the Kutsinhira Cultural Art Center beginning at 6:00pm. Join us!

If you can’t make the get together, stop by anytime during the day (12:00-9:00pm) and your purchase will help support StoveTeam.
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