2015-12 December Newsletter

Ecocina stove donations change lives

Last week I returned from Guatemala after spending time with two photographers from Ripple Effect Images who are producing a 3-minute video for StoveTeam.

We interviewed Ana Luisa and Marco, Ecocomal’s factory owners, and progressed to San Antonio Aguas Calientes City Hall. There we interviewed the mayor, a physician who financially supports the distribution of clean cookstoves. We then visited Paso a Paso, the school started by Ecocomal with profits from the sale of fuel-efficient stoves. It was there that Caroline, all of six-years-old, stole our hearts as she explained the virtues of the Ecocina. Paso a Paso is educating the next generation about the benefits of clean cookstoves and the importance of replacing open fires so children are safe.

During the following five days we filmed Rosa, the first stove recipient, who, eight years later is still using her fuel-efficient stove to cook for her family of twelve.

We met Agustina and her daughter, Ana. Agustina is a single mother living with her daughter and granddaughter. Together they support themselves by weaving. Their income is less than $1.00 per day. This small family received an Ecocina cookstove that will cut in half the amount of firewood they need to either collect or buy each day.

After filming Agustina, we drove to Jocotenango to meet Kimberly whose face and upper body were severely burned two years ago when an open fire engulfed her in flames. It’s hard to believe that severe burns of this sort can be prevented by a simple $50.00 stove. 

Your support keeps children like Caroline and Kimberly safe from the ravaging effects of open cooking fires.

Photo credits: Lynn Johnson/Ripple Effect Images.

Want to help?

StoveTeam’s donors make the important work of replacing open fires in Latin America possible. You provide more than a stove. You provide safety from burns. You provide clean breathable air, improved health, and environmental protection. You change the lives of the poorest, most vulnerable populations. Thank you.

There are multiple ways to help at StoveTeam. Consider volunteering or joining a team trip to see first-hand your impact. Give a stove for $50. Become a sustaining monthly donor. Consider a gift of appreciated stock, or ask your employer about matching gifts that double your impact!

Whether you donate time or money, every single contribution helps change the lives of people in need. For additional information, contact Katie.

Photo credit: Lynn Johnson/Ripple Effect Images.

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