2016-02 February Newsletter

Loan to Honduran stove factory provides much needed capacity

A permanent loan of a new plasma cutter made to Honduran partner, E’Copan, has already increased factory production of improved cookstoves for poverty-stricken families in Honduras. The loan, made possible with the support of a generous donor, is facilitating vast improvements in E’Copan Stove Factory’s production efficiency and output of fuel-efficient cookstoves that directly impact local low-income families. Previously, factory workers were using a low-powered plasma cutter to cut the heavy metal required for the plancha (or griddle) of a new model of improved stove. With the new machinery, workers now spend less time cutting parts and can dedicate more time to producing even more stoves for distribution.

In Honduras, where toxic smoke from indoor open fires impacts more than half the population, and the over-harvesting of wood for fuel-use has contributed to the disappearance of greater than a third of the country’s forests, enhanced production efficiency is needed to help combat chronic health problems and protect the environment.

Visit World Heritage Site, Antigua Guatemala, with StoveTeam

Join StoveTeam in Guatemala in November 2016 to improve your Spanish, explore Guatemala, and volunteer for a good cause!

Running from November 5 - 13, this trip includes a week of language school, stove construction, and sightseeing in Antigua. We'll stay at the beautiful San Jose el Viejo Spanish School and receive one-on-one lessons with a local instructor, either in an outdoor classroom on the school grounds or while touring around Antigua. Afternoons will be spent with Marco Tulio at the EcoComal stove factory, building stoves and helping distribute them to a local community. These community visits are life changing and provide a glimpse of Guatemala that few tourists get to experience.

Reserve a spot today to join us on this fabulous trip to Guatemala! Please contact Kim Forrest for more information.

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