2016-03 March Newsletter

Successes in Guatemala

In the past few months, Marco Tulio and workers at the EcoComal factory have been operating at maximum capacity. In 2015 the factory produced more than 2800 stoves, and in the first two months of 2016 they have produced more than 800.

This past week, a group of hardy volunteers also helped install Marco’s newest stove, the EcoPlancha III.

You too can help install stoves on our next trip, November 5-13. It’s a great month to visit Guatemala and improve your Spanish, and StoveTeam trips include one-on-one language instruction. For more information contact Kim Forrest or visit StoveTeam’s volunteer page

Local production encourages entrepreneurship

While working as the factory manager at EcoComal, Juan Amilcar Rosales, realized there was an opportunity to start a new business. He continues his work at EcoComal, however he has also started a new factory to produce chimneys for plancha stoves. Congratulations Juan Amilcar, our newest entrepreneur!






Nancy continues to inspire!

Nancy Hughes, StoveTeam’s founder, received a standing ovation after her keynote speech to new Rotary Presidents from Southern California and Nevada.

Dignitaries from the Rotary Foundation and Rotary International were among the 650 who listened intently as she illustrated her story with photos from renowned National Geographic photographer Lynn Johnson. 

Ripple Effect Images donated Lynn’s photographic services to StoveTeam after learning that the dangers of open fire cooking are relatively unknown. Their grant supported both Lynn, a still photographer, and Andrew Hida, a videographer. Andrew is currently compiling his video footage for a three-minute film in Spanish. The video may soon be coming to a Spanish language television channel near you!

Photo Credit: Lynn Johnson, Ripple Effect Images.

Bending toward justice honors StoveTeam

On March 31st, Senator Jeff Merkeley will honor Nancy Hughes, at the annual Bending Toward Justice Luncheon in Portland, Oregon. The event will honor people and organizations that have made strides in advancing a more just society and a better world.


Help the StoveTeam field-study

This May, StoveTeam will be launching a 6-month field-study in Guatemala to better understand the use and adoption of the Ecocina and Ecoplancha III cookstoves. If you have a used laptop or tablet, to donate, StoveTeam will put it to use for data tracking. Please contact us as we would love to put your donation to use!


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