2016-08 August Newsletter

Something's brewing in El Salvador

We are thrilled to announce our newest business partner - Dutch Bros Coffee! This June, Dutch Bros Coffee representatives visited StoveTeam-sponsored stove factory, Inversiones Falcón, in El Salvador to learn more about the effects of open fires and the positive health impacts and environmental benefits of safe and fuel-efficient cookstoves.

After receiving a demonstration of the Ecocina stove from factory owner, Gustavo Peña, Dutch Bros Coffee, through its philanthropic branch, the Love Abounds Foundation, awarded $6,000 to StoveTeam. This support will provide stoves to Salvadorian coffee farmers and those families most in need of the life saving benefits of improved cookstoves. Thank you Dutch Bros Coffee, your Love Abounds!

Peer-to-peer fundraisers provide critical funds for families in need

StoveTeam is lucky to benefit from the energy, enthusiasm, and generosity of three young supporters. After learning about StoveTeam and the dangers of open fires, Taylor Rixon, Zachary Meer and Sofie Johnson each decided they wanted to do more. Twelve year-old Taylor donated his birthday money, recent college grad Zac fundraised as part of a four week long stand-up paddle-board journey down the entire length of the Mississippi River, and high school senior Sofie raised support for stoves as part of her final senior project. With their help, at least 21 families (approximately 162 people) will now receive the life-saving benefits of a new fuel-efficient cookstove. Thank you, Taylor, Zac and Sofie!

Learn more about these fabulous fundraisers in the following brief interview:

How did you learn about StoveTeam?

Taylor: Since my grandma started it, I sorta knew about it when she started it. She talks about it a lot.
Zac: I attended a presentation by Nancy about StoveTeam at St. Olaf College last year!
Sofie: My mom worked with Nancy’s next-door neighbors, and I was talking with them about needing to find a project that I was passionate about for my senior service project. They referred me to Nancy and what she does. That’s how I first discovered StoveTeam.

Why did you decide to donate to StoveTeam?

Taylor: I went on a trip last November and I just thought it was a good cause and that the stoves worked well. And I saw what the people were cooking on before we gave them stoves.
Zac: I was impressed with how they go about solving the global issue of open fire cooking. For such a simple answer to the issue--cook with a fuel-efficient stove--it has proven difficult for many organizations to implement. StoveTeam has an effective, well thought-out system to deliver stoves to families that the families can and will continue to use.
Sofie: I was adopted from Guatemala so I have a close connection to it. I think immediately, once I saw that StoveTeam works in Guatemala, I was passionate about it and wanted to help.

What do you hope will come from your donation/efforts?

Taylor: I hope that some people who can’t afford the stove could get a stove.
Zac: Increased awareness of the issue in my local community and an improvement in the quality of life for a few families in Latin America.
Sofie: Definitely to see more families, like the ones that I met on the volunteer trip I went on, continue to receive stoves or that the funds support factory development.

What is your favorite thing about StoveTeam?

Taylor: Helping the people who are cooking over open fires to get fuel-efficient stoves so they don’t get cancer.
Zac: Their well-rounded approach to solving the open fire cooking crisis. StoveTeam doesn't just build stoves to throw at impoverished communities, assuming the stoves will work for the community because it works for them. Instead, StoveTeam works with locals to establish local factories to build stoves that are effective for their community. Instead of helping the communities, StoveTeam helps the communities help themselves.
Sofie: The people and the communities in Guatemala.

How would you like to be involved in the future?
Taylor: I would like to donate some more, maybe go help some more people on some of the trips.
Zac: Traveling to Latin America to assist StoveTeam for a stint sounds appealing, but for now, stay tuned for my next adventure/expedition. I think I'll keep using my adventures as a way to promote awareness of the issue and StoveTeam’s efforts.
Sofie: I am going to college in Eugene, at UO. I have thought a lot about raising money there or continuing to attend trips because I really enjoyed the experience I had and would definitely do it again.

If you are interested in learning how you can support StoveTeam through peer-to-peer fundraising give us a call at 541-554-4638 or contact Katie Laughlin.

To learn more about Zac's adventures check out his blog.

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Stove Summit recap

In collaboration with InStove, StoveTeam recently co-hosted the first annual Stove Summit at the InStove campus in Cottage Grove. Those attending the Summit included industry innovators Burn Design Lab, International Lifeline Fund, Dr. Nordica MacCarty, Paul “Dr. Tlud” Anderson, Trees Water & People, our very own Nancy Hughes, and many individuals both new to or deeply involved with international cookstove efforts. The Summit gave attendees the opportunity to learn more about the various aspects of the stove industry from experts in the field. Topics included local production, efficient technologies, and monitoring. We would like to give special thanks to Anita Larson for volunteering! We look forward to next year’s Summit and hope to see you there!

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