2016-12 December Newsletter

Why did Benjamin Franklin invent the stove?

When Benjamin Franklin invented the iron furnace stove or what is now called the “Franklin Stove,” he desired to solve a problem that was affecting nearly all of 18th century America – dangerous and inefficient indoor fires. His innovative stove reduced the percentage of heat wasted out the chimney and the amount of wood required. It also allowed for heating and cooking with one single device - a comfort that up to that time was not widely experienced. Although wood stoves have come a long way, much of the world still cooks over rudimentary open fires inside their homes. They face similar challenges overcome by the American population nearly 300 years ago.

StoveTeam works to change this reality by promoting fuel-efficient cookstoves in Mexico and Central America. With the Ecocina cookstove and other fuel-efficient stove models, we work to benefit the lives of the extreme poor who are still threatened by dangerous and inefficient indoor fires.

Photo: National Park Service

New developments in Nicaragua

In 2016, StoveTeam worked with Friends of Families United and Springfield Rotary to open a new Ecocina stove factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Esteli Avanza stove factory has created quite a buzz, with television and radio specials raising awareness of stoves that are a safe alternative to open cooking fires.

Avanza’s fuel-efficient Ecocina cookstoves transform lives. The recipients of the stoves are grateful to live in homes without smoke irritating their eyes and lungs.

The men and women who work in Avanza and all of the StoveTeam-sponsored factories have a passion for serving their communities, and many of you and other volunteers are humbled by the experience of distributing stoves to impoverished communities.

StoveTeam is grateful to have you as part of our team dedicated to making fuel-efficient cookstoves a widely accepted alternative to open fires.

Support StoveTeam in 2016!

To a family cooking over an open fire, a new fuel-efficient cookstove provides a chance at a healthy life. This holiday season you can help provide more stoves to those in need:

  1.   Shop on and designate StoveTeam as your charity of choice.
  2.   Donate a stove as a holiday gift, and StoveTeam will send a card to your loved.
  3.   Donate appreciated stock or make a donation from your IRA before year-end.

Learn more about StoveTeam’s impact in our new 2015-2016 Annual Report.

Bier Stein to support Ecocina cookstoves

Join StoveTeam at the Bier Stein on January 11, 2017 for a benefit in support of fuel-efficient and safe cookstoves. 100% of proceeds from a "benefit keg" will be donated to provide much needed support for families cooking over open fires.

The Bier Stein is located at 1591 Willamette Street in Eugene, OR.

You don't need to print anything, but make sure to request the "StoveTeam benefit keg" when you order.

We hope to see you there!

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