2017-01 January Newsletter

Jonah’s Mitzvah Project

 Thirteen-year old Jonah Cusack-Margolis decided to raise money to support Ecocina cookstoves for his Bar Mitzvah Project. He wanted to give back to his native Guatemala by making safe cookstoves a reality for needy families. His mother recalls hearing about StoveTeam after a Boston Globe article revealed the story of a young Guatemalan boy whose severe burns required treatment in the United States. The burns resulted from a fall into a pot of water boiling on the family’s open cooking fire. A family friend advised Jonah to address the root cause of the boy’s ailments: dangerous cooking practices.

Guests were encouraged to donate to a StoveTeam fund to provide stoves to an underserved community in Guatemala. His peer-to-peer campaign raised more than $1,000. When asked what he hopes will come from his donation, Jonah replied “I want for people to read about me and think ‘Hey, I can also do this for my project’ and raise even more money for StoveTeam.”

Thank you, Jonah! Your support will help 16 families in Guatemala live free from debilitating burns.

You too can donate a stove to prevent this type of tragedy. 

Ecocina cookstove featured in "100 under $100"

StoveTeam International is featured in the new book, “100 under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women.” Below, author Betsy Teutsch discusses why the Ecocina stove is a critical tool for women’s empowerment.

“When I curated 100 tools under $100 that both empower women and provide toeholds on their ladder out of poverty, I was thrilled to find a vast array of both tried-and-true solutions as well as exciting innovations. When I learned, at my Dining For Women chapter (I am a chapter leader), about StoveTeam, I was very impressed. The Ecocina is culturally attuned to the region it is designed to be used in. We are gradually learning this is a crucial aspect in clean stove adoption.
It is important that solutions be well designed and culturally appropriate. It is very hard to change lifelong cooking habits. I think StoveTeam works on many levels, peer-to-peer, and is helping women make the transition to healthier, cheaper, safer, lower-carbon cooking. Win win win win!”

Between now and January 27th, you can receive Betsy’s book for free when you make a contribution to StoveTeam greater than $50. In order to receive your book, please include “100 under $100” in the comments when submitting your online payment. Supplies are limited and books will be provided on a first come first served basis so act now!

To learn more about Betsy and for a sneak peak at the book, check out the book on Facebook

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with StoveTeam in Guatemala

Do you enjoy hard work, making new friends and making a difference?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, join StoveTeam from October 28 to November 5, 2017 for a week of language school, stove making, and sightseeing in Antigua, Guatemala. Improve your Spanish, explore Guatemala, and volunteer for a good cause. You’ll experience parts of Guatemala not accessible through guidebooks. Reserve your spot today! For more information, contact 

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