2017-07 July Newsletter

Stove Story: Meet Gloria

Gloria and her family sleep outside, on the patio of a house that is too small to accommodate the five families that call it home. We met Gloria in the central square of Alotenango as she anxiously awaited the arrival of her new stove – a stove she could not have afforded without the support of a generous donor. With her five-month-old baby strapped close to her chest (and two young children waiting for her at home), Gloria shared with us that cooking to feed her family is a daily struggle.

“When I try to cook, the flames rise up and burn my hands. If there’s wind, I also get burned.” Gloria said.

One of Gloria’s biggest fears is that her small children will be burned by pieces of firewood that fall from her makeshift stove. Now that Gloria has a lifesaving cookstove, her children can play safely in the kitchen without risking burns.

In the developing world, women and children experience burns in the kitchen more than anywhere else. You can continue to help reduce burns and make kitchens safer by providing stoves to women like Gloria. Make a donation today!

Photo By: Jenna Broadhurst

Why Community Collaboration Matters

When addressing extreme poverty, experience has shown us that success comes from working alongside trusted community leaders. Whether we’re establishing factories, providing stoves to those in need, or raising awareness about the dangers of open fires, we work with local partners to ensure project success.

In Guatemala, we are working with social workers (pictured), elected officials and town councils to identify households in desperate need of fuel-efficient cookstoves. In Honduras, female community leaders are helping us to study how social networks influence the adoption of cookstoves. In Nicaragua, the Avanza factory partnered with local women’s groups, including a shelter for women fleeing from domestic violence, to get stoves to families that need them most. In El Salvador, with the aid of elementary school teachers, we plan to work in 5 local schools to expose children to the benefits of clean energy technology.

International development work is incredibly difficult to carry out. By collaborating with trusted local leaders, we are able to create an inclusive, long-term solution to deadly open fires. 

Come with Us to Guatemala or Nicaragua!

Volunteer for a great cause! Join StoveTeam in Central America and learn how to make fuel-efficient cookstoves. As part of a team, you will improve your Spanish and distribute stoves while exploring Guatemala or Nicaragua. Trips are open to all ages, and no special skills are required. Find out more.

Trips to Guatemala include daily (four hours) one-on-one Spanish lessons with a private instructor and will be led by Nancy Hughes.

Upcoming trips:
Guatemala- October 28-November 5, 2017 
Guatemala- January 20-28, 2018 
Nicaragua- January 20-28, 2018 
Guatemala- March 10-18, 2018 

Secure your spot now! For more information, contact  (info (at)

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