2017-10 October Newsletter

Saludos from Mike Hatfield, Program Manager
Greetings from El Salvador! And greetings from my whirlwind tour. This is my first trip to our partner factories in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras.

My first stop was in Esteli Nicaragua with our newest partner factory, Avanza. They recently passed their 1,000th stove sales mark and are steadily ramping up production to match increasing demand. The day before I arrived, they doubled the number of stoves produced daily. I met with numerous organizations who disseminate stoves and it is obvious that there is an incredible need in Nicaragua and that the Avanza team, led by Marvin and Elida, is uniquely qualified to meet a large part of it.

On my final day, I was able to take part in the delivery of 25 stoves near Jinotega (pictured above). We delivered and gave a stove use demonstration to families living at the edge of the city dump. Then I was off to the airport to catch my flight to El Salvador!
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Do something meaningful
Vacation with a purpose. Witness the impact of, as well as the need for, fuel-efficient cookstoves. Build and deliver Ecocina cookstoves to communities in need and meet families benefitting from your support.
Make some great friends
Make new friends as you share this life-changing experience and get to know our passionate and dedicated stove factory partners, who are working hard to address a critical need within their countries.
Experience a new culture
Step outside of your comfort zone and learn the history and traditions of a new culture. Practice your Spanish. Indulge in customary foods prepared by local people. These are just a few of the exciting and life-changing experiences we will have on our team trip.
Get involved
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