StoveTeam Impact

How StoveTeam factories benefit local communities

Local Materials Manufacturing

Factories stimulate economic growth by purchasing all of the stove materials from local businesses.


New factories create jobs. Current factories employ up to 45 people.

Supporting Local Services

Factories employ locals to help with stove distribution, bookkeeping and sales.


Stove owners often boost their standard of living by starting local businesses using the Ecocina.

Health & Safety

The Ecocina replaces open-fire cooking, reducing the exposure to indoor smoke and burns.

Reduced Deforestation

Ecocina stoves burn efficiently, requiring significantly less wood than open fire cooking.


Ten Years Four Factories Four Countries 71,620 Stoves 537,150 Lives

Help us change lives. Get involved!

Help Start a Factory

Start a project to build a factory. Volunteer to help with the construction or involve your Rotary club to help a local entrepreneur get started.


Volunteer for a StoveTeam trip to Central America. Volunteers from ages 10 to 85 have joined us on past trips. You'll help change lives…including your own.

Write a Grant

StoveTeam works with Rotary clubs and non-profit organizations to provide assistance to local entrepreneurs who wish to start or expand a factory.