The Need

The Need

Smoke from indoor cooking fires is a leading cause of death of children under age five, and the world's largest environmental killer. It kills eight times as many people as malaria. Our program benefits the families and children impacted by smoke from indoor cooking fires.

StoveTeam International assists with the production of safe, durable, efficient wood-burning Ecocina cookstoves to replace open fire cooking. We work with nonprofit organizations and Rotary Clubs and help them place an order for stoves with a local entrepreneur to provide the necessary training and support to produce them. We have helped start stove projects in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

Carbon Credits

It is always challenging to be completely precise when evaluating the impact on large, multi-country, real-world projects such as ours. To make the most accurate estimate possible while making sure not to shortchange the important work our in-field partners, we have to strike a balance between verified third-party evaluations and a few safe assumptions. What we know is that we have helped distribute more than 71,620 stoves. Third party Gold Standard evaluations of our stoves give us a good sense of the likely fuel savings. We have to make some assumptions about how long our stoves remain in use and what fuel use reductions are in locations where we have not done testing. Our stoves are durable enough to last 5 or more years but if we conservatively say our stoves have an average useful lifespan of 3 years and if we take the conservative route of giving the lowest found fuel use savings to our untested areas, then we would find close to 900,000 fewer tons of carbon have been emitted into the atmosphere in our first decade of work.

Below are some tables giving details behind these calculations:

Figure 1: Calculations of Carbon reductions at 3-year average stove lifespan. 

Figure 2: Calculations of Carbon reduction at 1.68-year average stove lifespan. 


Ecocina stoves:

  • Reduce burns, respiratory, eye and skin problems
  • Reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 68% and particulate matter by 86%
  • Reduce wood use by over 50% 
  • Are built from all local materials such as concrete, pumice and low-fired tile
  • Are low cost with an average sale price of $55.00-$70.00
  • Are built and distributed in Central America
  • Provide local jobs in sustainable factories
  • Are widely accepted and are adapted to local cooking methods
  • Are portable and quick-cooking, requiring no installation or chimney
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