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Building Factories

StoveTeam works with Rotary Clubs and non-profit organizations to provide assistance to local entrepreneurs who wish to start or expand a factory. The factories can be capitalized separately from the grants for stove purchases.

Purchasing Stoves

The Rotary Foundation (TRF) grants are used to fund an initial large order of approximately 1,000 Ecocina stoves. This achieves two goals:

  • It allows the local entrepreneur to hire the labor and purchase the materials needed to make the factory operational.
  • It's a large enough order for the owner to achieve the economies of scale necessary for the factory to be sustainable once the initial order is complete. 

Here is the process we use:

  • The Host Rotary Club in the developing world and the International Rotary Club determine if there is a significant population cooking over open fires to support a factory producing Ecocina stoves.
  • The two Rotary Clubs identify a local entrepreneur who wishes to produce stoves.
  • A factory location is determined.
  • The price of the stoves is determined by using StoveTeam's “Stove Cost Calculator,” factoring in the local cost of labor, materials, utilities, and expendables.
  • Business and construction training and stove molds are provided to the local entrepreneur.
  • The local factory provides a contract to the Rotary clubs to produce ~1,000 stoves at a specified price.
  • The International Rotary Club, in collaboration with the Host Rotary Club in the developing world, uses a grant to fund an initial order for ~1,000 stoves with the local factory.
  • The grant funds are kept in a bank account controlled by the Host Rotary Club, and the stoves are paid for in increments as they are produced and delivered.
  • Local Host Rotarians monitor the progress and provide ongoing advice and help.

Resources for Starting a Factory

Find out how your Rotary Club can help build or expand a factory

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