Edgar Guia

In a small community just outside San Miguel de Allende called Las Guias, lives a family of the same name in a one-room house. The family comprises of a grandmother, mother and father, and their two sons, Edgar, 13 (at right in red jacket) and Israel, 11. Edgar suffers from Guillain-Barre disease and has had a tracheotomy performed.

The family was in need of help in order to make the house safe and life a little more comfortable, especially for Edgar with his health condition. In addition to other items given to the family, the Rotary Club of San Miguel de Allende Midday provided an Ecocina Stove.

Prior to receiving the stove, Edgar’s mother cooked on an open fire in close proximity to the house and this further endangered Edgar’s health. The little Ecocina Stove has had a significant positive impact on the family, not only in the reduction of harmful smoke emissions from open fire but also in the cost savings in the amount of wood required for cooking by the family.