Veronica Sanchez

Veronica Sanchez, a young woman who lives with her five-year-old daughter Alejandra in El Tigre, Mexico, received an Ecocina in March while her husband was working in the U.S.  This past summer she went to visit her mother who lives some distance away and took the portable Ecocina stove with her.  While visiting, she cooked with her mother on the Ecocina to show her how it worked.  Her Mom liked it so much she asked her to please leave the stove there, but Veronica said, "No, this is my stove, and you'll just need to buy your own!  I can't do without it."

The Ecocina factory Herreria Lupita, located in La Cieneguita (just outside San Miguel de Allende), has set up distribution centers throughout the state of Guanajuato and stoves are now readily available.  To contact factory owners Eric Ramirez and his wife Deyanira, give them a call (in Spanish) at 415-153-9470 or send them an e-mail (in English) to John Doherty at  More information about the factory can be found here.