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09 Feb

El Salvador Stove Trip Day 4

This is a guest post from Mark Knox, who traveled with his Salvadoran business partner Laz Ayala to El Salvador to promote stoves in Laz's hometown.

Day 4

After 1.5 hours of rest, the biggest and most exhausting two days were ahead. We started off with breakfast at cousin Elena's and then proceeded to load up the truck. I can barely remember the people or the moments of the day but we worked our tails off - especially St. Laz who not only lifted just as many of those 90 lbs stoves, he also explained to each family the instructions took about 25 minutes each time. He also interpreted all day long which has to be tiring. I just can't say enough how this man cares for his family and the community.

By the end of the day, we were exhausted and fried. Dinner was at Norma’s where we ate hot vegetable soup. We cleaned up and raced over to cousin Nuria’s and Rodrigo's house where baby Kayla was having her 1st birthday. It was a zoo with lots of kids and family inside and outside. Fred got to take a few swings at the "second" piñata which was hilarious enough, but really funny when it swung back and hit him in face. The place erupted! Natalie and I sat there and politely refused a turn. Laz of course missed this classic scene because he was out in back talking to Rodrigo, Ernesto, Foncho and Oscar about the stoves.

I'm certain I had heat stroke because I just couldn't cool down even after a 20 minute shower. Fred came up with a great idea to dampen my shirt before I went to sleep which really helped.