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19 Dec


This is a rough translation of today's communication from Anibal, our newest factory owner in Honduras. I thought you'd like an update.


"Nancy this has been a great week. As I told you before, I'm doing business with some very powerful businesses in the country. They are building three hydroelectric power plants to sell energy to the state and are convinced by our meetings that for the management of watersheds, it is essential to include the delivery of Ecocina stoves in a larger system where families exchange work in their communities planting nursery grown trees used for firewood for an Ecocina.

This week I made a hectic but productive tour and demonstrated the Ecocina to women in the market of Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Plan, a larger community in the same place, the community of Parakeet in the Department of Yoro and in the community of Chiquila in the department of Copan. This can be summed up in an initial contract of 440 Ecocinas for them.

The business which is a powerful business in the country is convinced of the efficiency and importance of Ecocina therefore I also want to inform you that I'm making 10 per day to distribute them and I am happy about that.