StoveTeam Blog

02 Oct

A visit with Daniella and her grandmother

Recently, the StoveTeam staff visited the home of Daniella and her grandmother Dina in the community of Las Trincheras, El Salvador. Daniella, 12, is the primary cook in her home because her grandmother has gone blind. Daniella has been the cook for several years now and jokingly agreed that she was the chef of the household.

Two years ago, Daniella and her family received an Ecocina from StoveTeam partner factory, Inversiones Falcón with the help of a subsidy provided by another nonprofit working in the area. Since the arrival of their new stove, the house has been cleared of an open fire and dangerous smoke. Daniella shared that before, with the open fire, she used to burn her hands a lot. Her favorite part about the new stove is that she never burns herself while cooking anymore. Her grandmother added: “Yes! [And] it is much better to make tortillas with the comal, much better and much more delicious!”

StoveTeam empowers our factory partners to work not only with StoveTeam, but to capitalize on other regional connections in order to expand their impact even further. An extended impact means that more families like Daniella’s can have access to life-changing stoves. Your support continues to help us to embolden Inversiones Falcón AND to provide life-changing stoves to families across Central America. Thank you!