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07 Sep

Stoves Arrive in Mexico

During the spring of 2010 members of Club Rotario de Medio Dia in San Miguel de Allende began to research the need to assist families in surrounding rural communities with an alternative to open fire cooking. It was very apparent that there were substantial respiratory problems and burn risks for the families from this form of cooking as well as serious ongoing ecological concerns relating to the deforestation issue in obtaining the necessary fuel for the open fires.   Read More..

02 Sep

StoveTeam wins major prize

Nancy Hughes and StoveTeam have just been notified that they are the recipients of a major international prize. We are thrilled about the impact this will bring to StoveTeam and the communities we serve! Read More..

09 Aug

San Miguel de Allende team demonstrates stove

The factory in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico kicked off with demonstrations at a local fair. Factory owner, Eric, and outreach worker, Saul, along with local Rotarians demonstrated the stove, answered questions, and took orders from people who wished to purchase stoves. Read More..

29 Jun

Update from Nancy Sanford Hughes

Things here have been really, really hectic, but quite productive.

We arrived a day after Gustavo and a few days after my neighbor, Stephanie Wood, who is operating a six week educational institute for teachers. We have all been staying in the same hotel, so it's really been fun. Stephanie helped connect us with her assistant whose name is Bertha. Bertha is AMAZING! Before we arrived she helped Gustavo find wood, a cook, masa, etc., etc. as well as commandeering the hotel staff to help Gustavo repair the one stove that was broken. It looked as if the people who transported it dropped in soundly on the side cracking not only the bottom of the stove, the base of the rim, but the entire inside. After Bertha found a kilo of cement, tiles and pumice, Alfredo from the hotel helped Gustavo do the repair. Read More..

25 Jun

Oaxaca Update

Yesterday was incredibly productive and it started with a good breakfast of eggs and beans in Gustavo Peña's (El Salvador factory owner) room and was quickly followed by the arrival of Irma and the crew who Stephanie Wood (a professor from the University of Oregon) had arranged to help us with the demonstration at the organic market in Xochimilco. Irma arrived with two kilos of masa, a table for the stove, and a load of wood. Gustavo and Stephanie had arranged everything and they had even introduced Irma to the stove the day before. Evidently the entire hotel staff helped as the stove was set up in the parking lot. Irma immediately loved it and it didn't take much to convince her that this was a great invention. Read More..