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31 Oct

Volunteers to do stove testing in Honduras

Thirty four volunteers are leaving soon for Copan Ruinas, Honduras. They are very excited to do Kitchen Performance Tests (KPTs) in each of 50 homes. These are all homes where the women are cooking over open fires and have never used a fuel-efficient stove. At the end of the testing each family will receive a stove in return for allowing us to do the tests. Read More..

26 Sep

Message from El Salvador

Peter Schild, El Salvador Hola,

I would like to inform you that I work as an unpaid volunteer (65 + x years old) since one month 2 days per week in the factory of the Stove Team of Sonsonate, El Salvador.

Just by accident I visited the Stove Team factory about 8 weeks ago. When I first heard about producing stoves which are run by wood I was suspicious. But then I learnt about the danger of the exposure of smoke from traditional cookstoves and how important it is to reduce the amount of smoke. Although I live already more than 2 years in Central-America I have thought about the huge amount of wood cut every year for cooking purpose but never about the exposure of smoke. And reducing the amount of wood by nearly 70% when using the new designed stove will not only reduce the exposure of smoke, the cost of cooking for the poor but although decrease the huge amount of trees – estimated nearly 500,000 trees only in this small country like El Salvador – which every year are cut down. Therefore I’m glad to help a little bit the Stove team. Read More..

07 Sep

Stoves Arrive in Mexico

During the spring of 2010 members of Club Rotario de Medio Dia in San Miguel de Allende began to research the need to assist families in surrounding rural communities with an alternative to open fire cooking. It was very apparent that there were substantial respiratory problems and burn risks for the families from this form of cooking as well as serious ongoing ecological concerns relating to the deforestation issue in obtaining the necessary fuel for the open fires.   Read More..

02 Sep

StoveTeam wins major prize

Nancy Hughes and StoveTeam have just been notified that they are the recipients of a major international prize. We are thrilled about the impact this will bring to StoveTeam and the communities we serve! Read More..

09 Aug

San Miguel de Allende team demonstrates stove

The factory in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico kicked off with demonstrations at a local fair. Factory owner, Eric, and outreach worker, Saul, along with local Rotarians demonstrated the stove, answered questions, and took orders from people who wished to purchase stoves. Read More..