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14 Mar

Board member visits factory in Leon, Nicaragua

From Barbara Lee and  John Costello (STI board member)

Today we visited the Ecocina factory in beautiful, historic and HOT Leon, Niaragua. Touring the site with factory owner Juan Gutierrez and StoveTeam International Coordinators Beatriz and Fred Fiallos-Hamman, and meeting the crew of factory trabajadores was a real pleasure. The site is buzzing with activity.  Read More..

28 Feb

Board member visits Honduras factory

From Barbara Lee and John Costello, STI Board member:

We've just spent a week in Honduras, and had the opportunity to visit Anibal Murcia's busy Ecocina factory in Copan Ruinas. By coincidence, a Rotary group from Florida toured the factory on the same day. The group received a great welcome from Anibal, the factory workers, and Don Udo, who was hosting them in his hotel. The next day, Anibal transported a number of stoves to a community in the mountains outside the town of Gracias, which is about three hours drive from Copan Ruinas. Read More..

23 Feb

2011 PCIA Forum

StoveTeam President Nancy Hughes, El Salvadoran Factory Owner, Gustavo Peña, and Administrative Assistant, Sanya Detweiler are all attending the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA) Forum this week in Lima, Peru.   Read More..

17 Jan

The case for a stove project in Afghanistan

Winter brings fiery killer into Afghan homes Read More..

13 Jan

November StoveTeam trip featured in Women's Rights blog

StoveTeam featured in the Women's Rights in a Global World blog put out by the UO Center for the Study of Women in Society (CSWS).  Check out the blog post, written by StoveTeam Advisory Board member, Susie Hanner: Link to Blog Read More..