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03 Jul

Investing in Social Impact

Ecocina manufacturingFoundations and individual donors alike are looking more and more to social entrepreneurs to solve the world’s social problems by investing in innovative approaches with potential for large-scale impact. StoveTeam International couldn’t agree more with this approach – our model illustrates that achieving a high return on an initial social business investment is indeed possible.

Since 2008, StoveTeam-sponsored businesses have produced and sold more than 50,000 clean-burning and fuel-efficient stoves in five countries in Latin America, impacting 373,000 men, women, and children. If the total combined investment of $750,000 to start these businesses had been used simply to buy stoves at an average cost of $55 per stove, StoveTeam would have distributed far fewer stoves – approximately 36,000 fewer.

StoveTeam’s promotion of the local production of life saving stoves through sustainable, independently owned and operated social businesses extends beyond the stoves produced and the families served. We impact a community from the ground up by stimulating local economic growth, providing jobs, and supporting local services, while simultaneously producing a product that benefits health and protects the environment.  Read More..

22 Jun

StoveTeam Recognized with National Energy Globe Award for good work in Honduras!

StoveTeam and Honduran partner E’Copan were recognized with the National Energy Globe Award for helping combat deforestation and overconsumption of firewood in Honduras. More than half the population of Honduras uses wood for cooking, a factor that, over the last quarter century, has led to the disappearance of greater than a third of Honduras’ forests. The E’Copan factory began in 2010 with a grant from Copan Ruinas and Eugene Southtowne Rotary Clubs, and with support from StoveTeam International. Since 2010, E’Copan has sold approximately 6,000 cookstoves.

The Energy Globe Award is supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and done in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). “As one of only 177 winners out of 1,500 applicants, we are thrilled to receive this prestigious award,” said program director, Katie Laughlin, “and are honored to be recognized among the many worthwhile entities working to advance sustainable solutions to global environmental challenges.” StoveTeam and E’Copan will be evaluated automatically for the Energy Globe World Award.

Learn more about the Energy Globe AwardRead More..

25 Mar

Antigua update

Hello from Antigua!

Thank you all for going with us in February to Antigua! I am here with Marco tulio again and a bunch of UO students continuing the good work you started. Read More..

17 Feb

Honduras - February 17, 2015

This morning, I'm sitting out on the patio of Casa de Cafe looking out over the palms and flowering bird of paradise. Part of our group has gone off with a guide to visit the ruins, and another group has gone to Macaw Mountain to visit the birds. One dedicated volunteer has gone back to the factory site to help finish the cement floor, and one guy is hanging out in his room recovering from a bout of “tourista”. Yes, it does happen, but it was a quick recovery. He is well, but just suffering from lack of sleep and caffeine. Read More..

12 Feb

StoveTeam in Honduras

Nothing can stand in the way of a group of dedicated volunteers helping Anibal and Rossana Murcias build a new factory - not even a volcanic eruption near Antigua, Guatemala that forced the multi-day closure of the Guatemala City airport! This group of 14 means business and they’ve been getting down to it over the last few days. Read More..