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08 May

StoveTeam Receives Dining for Women Grant

StoveTeam International is pleased to announce the awarding of a grant from Dining for Women. Monies from this grant will support a new Ecocina stove factory in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Dining for Women is a dinner giving circle. The chapter members "dine in" together as a chapter once a month, each bringing a dish to share, and their "dining out" dollars (what they would have spent if they had eaten at a restaurant) are sent to programs empowering women worldwide. Dining for Women then combines all donations from hundreds of the chapters to support carefully selected international programs each month. DFW funds grass-roots programs in education, healthcare, vocational training, micro-credit loans and economic development. These programs are aimed at improving the living situations for women and their families, by providing the tools they need to make changes.

DFW will provide partial seed funding to establish a factory to manufacture and sell fuel-efficient cookstoves.  The factory will be owned by a woman, and employ a network of women advocates who will educate and sell stoves to the local community.  The factory will purchase local materials to build the stoves.  Improved cookstoves reduce deforestation as they require less fuel-wood, and create a safe cooking environment for women and their children.

DFW's grant of approximately $42,000 will improve the lives of hundreds of women who currently cook on indoor fires, provide economic opportunities, and improve the environment. Specifically, DFW will fund an outreach supervisor and six advocates/sellers for one year, a vehicle or mileage to distribute stoves in the community, and cookstove promotional materials for local communities.

The grant from DFW will allow the factory to rapidly increase stove sales, expand distribution throughout the state, and provide needed jobs to women living in areas of Oaxaca with high unemployment. StoveTeam International expects this program to be up and running by the end of 2013.