2010 Guatemala/Honduras

Dates:  November, 2010
Locations:  Guatemala/Honduras

What a whirlwind! Thirty volunteers have arrived in Guatemala, seen the factory, helped with a demonstration of Ecocina stoves in the village of San Antonio Aguas Calientes, and we have met with various Rotarians and NGOs who want to assist with spreading the word about Ecocina stoves here and in neighboring countries. We were interviewed for television and had a great deal of fun.

From Antigua, Guatemala, the team traveled to Copan Ruinas, Honduras, and are still actively building a factory on the road to the famous Mayan ruins. They are building a "rancho" with a palm roof, working on a factory floor, building Ecocina stoves, and setting up a balcony over the current office.

Small groups have gone out to local villages to help with stove demonstrations and have helped establish a semi-annual dental mission. Fluoride varnish will be sent to Copan Ruinas and then local public school teachers will apply it. We expect teams of dentists from various countries to be able to come and also do more serious dental work. StoveTeam will not be running this program, but we are proud to have made the connections to make it possible.

Factory owners and representatives from other areas came to help the team as well. We had two representatives from Nicaragua, one from El Salvador, and two from Choluteca, Honduras. Today two members of the Board are on their way to San Miguel de Allende to help with planning for a factory in that area as well.