Stories from the Field

Irma - how it all started

Irma started it all. How a grateful “thank you” speech that touched the hearts of the medical team created a new cause.

Gustavo’s Story

Gustavo Peña is the entrepreneur owner of the factory in Nahulingo, El Salvador. Here he tells his story about what StoveTeam has enabled him to accomplish.


Working at the stove factory in El Salvador has transformed Victor's life and his children's future.

Anibal Murcia

Anibal's story about becoming a micro entrepreneur. Anibal is the owner of a factory near Copán Ruinas, Honduras.


Betty was the first woman hired at the factory in El Salvador. She is a single mother living in a squatter’s camp beside the river.

Edgar Guia

Edgar suffers from Guillain-Barre disease and has had a tracheotomy performed. With the help of Rotary, the family received an Ecocina stove.

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