Help Start a Factory

Help Start a Factory

Building Factories

StoveTeam works with foundations, non-profit organizations and Rotary Clubs to provide assistance to local entrepreneurs wishing to start or expand a stove factory. StoveTeam has used funding from foundations and Rotary matching grants for these endeavors. For information about how to write a Rotary grant, click here

Stove Grants, Step by Step:

Identifying the Need

  • StoveTeam and a local organization determine if there is sufficient need for efficient wood-burning cookstoves.
  • StoveTeam and the organization agree on a local entrepreneur and a factory site suitable for stove production.
  • Costs, prices and marketing considerations are evaluated.

Writing a Stove Grant

  • StoveTeam and the organization prepare a grant to fund an initial large order of approximately 1,000 Ecocina stoves.
  • The proposed factory owner provides a contract to StoveTeam and the local organization to produce the stoves.
  • The stove order achieves two goals:
    • It allows the local entrepreneur to hire the labor and purchase the materials needed to make a factory operational.
    • It is a large enough order for the owner to achieve the economies of scale necessary for the factory to be sustainable once the initial order is complete.

Setting Up or Expanding a Factory

  • Once the grant is funded, StoveTeam and another Ecocina factory owner provide on-site and off-site training and consulting.
  • Using some of the grant money to purchase tools and molds, the factory begins producing stoves.
  • Grant funds are kept in a bank account controlled by StoveTeam International, and the stoves are paid for in increments as they are produced and delivered.
  • The local organization monitors the progress and provides ongoing advice and help.
  • When all ~1,000 stoves have been produced, the grant is closed and the remaining funds are given to the entrepreneur.
  • The remaining capital is sufficient to supply three months' worth of materials for additional stove production.

The factory continues production as a sustainable operation.

Resources for Starting a Factory

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