The Ecocina

Local stoves for a global solution

Locally produced Ecocina cookstoves reduce wood consumption and harmful pollutants.   


The Ecocina supports pots of almost
any size.

Removable “Plancha”

The plancha is used for cooking meat, tortillas or pupusas (filled tortillas).

Insulated Ferro-cement Body

Internal chimney of low-fired tile surrounded by insulating pumice keeps the stove exterior cool to the touch.

Pot Skirt

Adjustable metal skirt fits a variety of pots and pans and forces hot air around the pot for maximum cooking efficiency.

Pot Supports

The pot supports elevate the cooking surface above the stove top and allow cooking with almost any size pot or griddle (“plancha”).

Wood Support (Portaleña)

The portaleña raises the wood off the bottom of the combustion area to allow sufficient air to enter, increasing burner efficiency.

Ecocina Stoves:

  • Reduce burns, respiratory, eye and skin problems
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 68%
  • Reduce air pollution by 86%
  • Reduce wood use by over 50%
  • Are portable and cook quickly
  • Require no installation or external chimney
  • Are built from all local materials such as concrete, pumice and tile
  • Provide local jobs in sustainable factories
  • Are adapted to local cooking methods

Testing Report for the Ecocina Testing Report for the Ecocina (216 KB)

Mike Hatfield Testing Report for Small Stoves Mike Hatfield Testing Report for Small Stoves (678 KB)

“Rocket Elbow” Design

With an air-intake opening the same size as the exit, oxygen entering through the bottom moves efficiently through the internal chimney, driving heat directly to the cooking pot while burning the gasses and particulate matter.

  • Without the startup capital, expertise and help StoveTeam International arranged, we would not have been able to start our factory in Honduras. One of their teams of Rotarian volunteers helped set up our factory and trained the workers.

    Anibal Murcia, Eco-Copan, Honduras
  • The volunteer trip made me realize the profound changes the Stove Team can achieve. I wasn’t aware how much wood is needed to cook on an open fire and how much deforestation is due to the practice of gathering wood. I was impressed to see how much wood can be saved using the Ecocina. Families that only used the Ecocina were using much less wood.

    Anuncia Escala, Volunteer (March 2012, Honduras)
  • I love Latin America…I love meeting the people of the campo and speaking with them. I appreciate the chance to do a meaningful task that takes me into their homes and allows a bond of communication and mutual understanding to occur. I value the mission of StoveTeam to provide support to a local entrepreneur to produce and distribute stoves locally.

    Charissa Nelson, Volunteer (March 2012 StoveTeam trip)
  • I use an Ecocina stove and I noticed the cleaner air. It's a better life for my children because they live happily, and the stove helps them not get sick.

    Gloria Ramirez, Stove User, Honduras
  • StoveTeam International helped me start a factory in El Salvador. We now employ 22 local workers and our factory has produced over 20,000 stoves that improve the lives of more than 150,000 people.

    Gustavo Peña, Factory Owner
  • The little things that occurred while on the trip were incredibly special. Shucking corn with one of the ladies, Luz, while discussing her family's improved health. Multiple families laughing at my broken Spanish. And the greatest gift of all, being thanked for our service and our work that we were doing there. It was just such an incredible experience.
    McKenzie Lay, Volunteer (Honduras, March 2012)
  • My stove has become like a good friend to me, and it's a wonderful thing in my life. It saves me wood, and is great for cooking.

    Rosita de las Cruces, Stove User, El Salvador
  • I would like to continue participating, once or twice a year, year after year after year…as long as our job involves Kitchen Performance Tests or other significant, direct contact with villagers. It’s the most meaningful international volunteer work I’ve ever done.

    Sara Marvin, Volunteer (March 2012, Mexico)
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